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  1. Personal
    My name is Emir Perviz. I was born in the Cazin County area of western Bosnia & Herzegovina. I have lived in the United States since the beginning of year 1997 and have since maintained residency in the state of Ohio, within an resurging city of Cincinnati. As a little boy I was heavily influenced by the American exports and the moment when my family decided to move from Bosnia was met with as much excitement as it did with anxiety. Here though I've learned many great things and have largely assimilated into the local, progressive Cincinnati environment. Here I have obtained special skills. Here I have become a father. And here, I have learned to call home; I am a loyal part of the local communities and believe in giving back through inner and personal contributions.
  2. Professional
    I am Computer Engineer educated and based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. My schooling from middle school to college solely belongs to the Cincinnati schools. I have worked in several related industries and align myself with more than one technological discipline. I am a founder of a technology firm named Meccaveli Webworks Development and Design Group that specializes in responsive, .NET driven, graphical web development. Furthermore, it provides tech know-how and overall computer services to small and large businesses, as well as personals. If inclined, please view my current resume for specific credentials and skills.
  3. Abstract
    I spent A LOT of time with software oriented topics and so it has become much of a hobby. Much time was spent on learning existing technologies, keeping up with new ones, and figuring out how it all best works together. Much time has also gone into the development of the aforementioned LLC. But perhaps one is interested in what I've been enjoying way before the professional days? After all, this is the 'abstract' section. Well, growing up in small town in Yugoslavia, the fun was plentiful within the realm of the outdoors. I learned to love the nature, the fruit and anything else that a kid may regularly encounter in a tiny Bosnian town. I am an outdoorsman. The U.S. is a vast and beautiful country with offerings of just about any kind. Here I have done plenty of camping, canoeing, hiking and trekking and one of favorite areas of mine is the Red River Gorge nature preserve in Kentucky, south of Cincinnati. In the winter days I love to ski, or still, spend time hiking over the snow covered trails of local parks. In the other direction, however, I have always held a special regard for video gaming, starting with the original Nintendo and famously ubiquitous Super Mario Bros. With that piece of Japanese/American technology I hold my earliest memories of wonders of technology. Dream I used to of just how exactly it all works and who is it just that creates this. Professionally speaking, this is where I trace my beginnings.