Emir Perviz
4832 Highland Oaks Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45248


My objective is to obtain more experience in computer engineering or related industry and to acquire more vital knowledge and skills needed and offered at a professional workplace. Additionally, I strive to offer the best to my team and company and consequently my objective has been to improve the products and workplace assigned to me. As a proud student out of University of Cincinnati, the mission is to acquire and contribute value in the following areas, though not exclusively so:

1. Computer Engineering – Experienced with usage of multiple Windows and UNIX Operating Systems, software and hardware troubleshooting, web site development with ASP.NET infrastructure, C# and HTML with CSS3. Website hosting with Windows Azure, personal and leased hardware via FTP or Visual Studio IDE. Website logo design with Adobe suite. Flash animation design. PC Benchmarking for rating and testing computer usage. Laptop and Desktop component swapping. Testing environment virtualization of latest OSs through VMware and Windows.
2. Software Engineering – Experience with C#.NET, ASP.NET, , HTML, VBscript, Powershell, SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio 2013, Adobe Create Cloud, SQL Server 2014 and exposure to others. Hold experience and interest building desktop applications and web applications in .NET infrastructure within Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.
3. Web Design – Experience building web destinations with various tools, including Adobe suite with Photoshop and Flash and Microsoft tools like Expression suite and more notably, Visual Studio IDE. ASP.NET knowledge and experience. HTML knowledge and experience. Currently develop with CSS, JQuery, and other supporting tools and techniques, as well as overall blend of aforementioned directives and programming languages.
4. Controls Engineering – Experience with Allen-Bradley PLC setup and affiliated Ladder Logic programming, stemming from college classes, co-op education, and as a professional controls engineer.
5. Electrical Engineering – Electronics testing/troubleshooting, Soldering, Circuit Analysis, other electrical principles as obtained per UC attendance.
6. Information Technology (IT) – Software setup, Hardware setup, PC optimization, Solid knowledge with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and older OSs, Mobile Windows and Mobile MAC operating systems. Software and hardware knowhow and tech-savvy aptitude.
7. Technical Writing – Knowledge and direct experience with authoring professional documentation as it pertains to new technological products. It started with solid education in English Composition at UC and earlier and it solidified with technical writing assignments at two of my Co-Op employers, and later through assuming the responsibility as the main tech writer for the HP Engineering and Development.
8. Quality Assurance – Experience with assuring the quality of the software and hardware that the team at HP produced, through rigorous testing. Part of a small inner team focusing on the SharePoint based QA Website’s inner-working and the overall idea of ensuring the product has met or exceeded the expectation.
9. Business Interaction– Know how to professionally engage a client, deduce pertinent information and follow through with a wanted product. Routinely conducted face-to-face meetings at Hewlett-Packard. Additionally, I led multiple trainings of our software to P&G customer leads, and Tier II technical support leads.

Summary of Qualifications

• Broad computer knowledge
• Electronics design
• Visual Studio IDE and Microsoft SQL Server 2005-2014
• Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, HTML, Assembly Language, Ladder Logic
• SharePoint Designer and SharePoint sites
• Marimba deployment/management tool
• SCCM deployment/management tool
• PLCs - Programmable Logic Controllers (RSLogix Allen-Bradley)
• Web Development (Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, HTML and ASP.NET, Hosting, etc…)
• Flash animation development and overall graphical approach to web design
• Mobile site development using same means as described above
• QR Code creation and customization
• Microsoft Operating Systems (MS-DOS, Windows 8.1 and older through ‘98)
• UNIX Operating Systems (Fedora, Knoppix, Mac OS, …)
• Microsoft Office Suite
• PC Assembly
• PC/MAC User Interface Support
• Computer Security
• Computer Software/Hardware Optimization
• Desktop support
• Mobile environments (Mac, Windows, Android) support
• Technical Writing
• Business Communications
• Natural Languages: Bosnian, Croatian, English
• Well-rounded knowledge
• Rapid, professional, swift learner

Professional Experience

Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)
Cincinnati, OH 45202 / January 2011 – March 2014 / Software Engineer

• Part of a versatile global team of engineers directly supplying some of the major companies like GM and P&G with proprietary software, specific hardware, IT knowhow, and overall third-level engineering services. Among other things, our team developed more than one operating system for P&G and provided necessary software distribution, support and customer interaction, using Marimba and later SCCM infrastructures.
• Wrote few C#.NET applications for internal usage, then efficiently deployed these applications via InstallShield.
• Built couple of HTML-based sites packaged for use with some of our main products.
• Updated VBscripts to reflect any incoming changes.
• Redesigned and took ownership of existing SharePoint websites.
• Assumed role as the main technical writer for the team. Some of the completed writing projects included the usage manual for the P&G operating system named Open and Go, and the usage manual for the newly developed P&G OS based on Windows 8.1 OS.
• As part of the internal Quality Assurance team, I meticulously tested applications on various operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
• Ran troubleshooting measures on such operating systems using collected logs, affected hardware systems, error replications, and team collaboration with 2nd level support.
• Commonly conducted voluntary training offers at HP, including ones on Powershell and various programming languages.
• Frequently trained global 2nd level support team on our incoming applications.
• Regularly met with the inner team to discuss ongoing changes, projects and if warranted, solutions.
• Met directly with the customer to discuss feasibility of future projects.
• Led two weekly meetings with insourced HP technicians to assemble and solve an ongoing list of OS errors as experienced and reported by over a 100,000 global users.
• Regularly used Microsoft Office suite, including Outlook and Lync, and provided troubleshooting tools to enhance productivity.
• Advanced management of BitLocker PC encryptions.
• Advanced management of data transfer through PC linking, using various programs, most notably CA’s DMM.
• Nurtured and extensively used for testing, the virtual VMware environments on multiple operating systems.

Pyramid Controls, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH 45227 / June 2010 – December 2010 / Controls Engineer

• Examined, debugged and wrote PLC code in RSLogix 500 and RSLogix 5000.
• Set up AB Control Logix, Compact Logix, SLC 500 controllers.
• Installed/programmed devices such as (AC/DC) photo eyes, encoders, scanners, printers, estops…mostly conveyor related work, at customer sites.
• Learned and experimented with ControlNet, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet.
• Exposed to Motion controls.
• Utilized PLC connection and management tools like RSLinx, RSNetWorx, and physical connection.
• Obtained first-hand experience with Pyramid’s test conveyor by experimenting with its programs and physical parts to obtain desired operations like tracking, measuring and stamping products.
• Visited PanelFab for testing and obtaining PLC Control Panels.
• Experimented with Motors and Servos, and their associated VFDs.
• Studied and collaborated to build conveyor and electrical schematics.
• Worked with Pyramid affiliated AB vendor CBT, learning devices and associated ordering.
• Contributed to a joint support project with the PC side of the firm.
• Worked on several PLC projects on a team for various customers.
• Traveled multiple times and longer-term as a start-up and customer support engineer.
• Associated with, and provided software and hardware support to customers like Barnes&Noble, GSI Commerce, and Sketchers.
• Enforced professional manner of communication acquired through U.C., Pomeroy IT, and Intelligrated, i.e. reports, presentations, group research, staff meetings, etc.

Pomeroy IT Solutions
Hebron, KY 41048 / March 2010 – May 2010 / Assistant Tech Engineer Temp

• Imaged PCs using Ghost software.
• Manually imaged servers through UNIX.
• Assisted with writing scripts.
• Upgraded and deployed computer stations.
• Enforced professional manner of communication acquired through U.C. and previous professional employers.

Intelligrated, Inc.
Mason, OH 45040 / November 2007 – April 2008 / Software Engineer Co-Op

• Experimented on new website composition.
• Maintained websites in Visual Studio C++, ASP.NET.
• Assembled computers according to my own optimality designs.
• Collaborated with mechanical engineers in overseeing of the prototype conveyor system.
• Worked with Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers (PLC) and schematics.
• Produced technical instruction manual in association with the design department.
• Tested electronic components.
• Handled electrical drawings in AutoCAD.
• Ascertained the use of basic tools for inspecting networks, i.e. Ethereal, OPNET.
• Involved in MS SQL Server 2005 work, like “mirroring” technique of two or more servers.
• Tested circuit boards.
• Conducted engineering and business tasks, including travels on behalf of the company to sites throughout the Midwest.
• Enforced professional manner of communication acquired through U.C. and Pomeroy IT, i.e. reports, presentations, group research, etc.

University of Cincinnati - UCit
Cincinnati, OH 45221 / May 2006 – June 2007 / Computer Engineer Co-Op

• Assisted lab users with computer applications related issues in Macintosh and PC.
• Acted as a general technical assistant to the students and faculty.
• Setup computer workstations.
• Connected users to the university’s secured wireless networks.
• Diligently exercised customer service skills and related policies.
• Other duties included phone support, troubleshooting printers, and other.
• Enforced professional manner of communication acquired through Pomeroy IT, i.e. group projects, representation of company, etc.

Pomeroy IT Solutions
Hebron, KY 41048 / March 2005 – February 2006
• Maintained accounting work orders in the region-unique, Astea Alliance software.
• Occasionally setup computer workstations.
• Learned basics of computer based customer service and support.
• Utilized proper typing posture for alphanumerical data entry.
• Exercised professional manner of communication in a technical place, i.e. reports, representation of company, etc.


University of Cincinnati – College of Engineering and Applied Science
Cincinnati, OH 45221 / Pursued a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering Technology 2005 – 2010

University of Cincinnati – McMicken College of Arts and Sciences
Cincinnati, OH 45221 / Pursued a B.S degree in English Literature and a Minor degree in Classical History 2001 – 2004

Forest Hills School District – Anderson High School
Cincinnati, OH 45255 / Enrolled in General Studies 1997 – 2001

CPS District – Academy of World Languages
Cincinnati, OH 45230 / Languages Focus 1996 – 1997

CCS District – Cazin I Elementary (Osnovna Skola)
Cazin, Bosnia & Herzegovina / Enrolled in General Studies 1990 - 1996